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Azure Storage Recommendations

Azure Storage Recommendations

Azure Storage is one of the most widely used services in Microsoft Azure. While it is easy to get started with, it is important to understand the risks and available compensating controls. A misconfigured storage account is an easy target for bad actors and can lead to a data breach.


This guide summarizes common Azure Storage best practices and suggests recommended Azure policies to prevent misconfigurations and report non-compliant resources. The information in the guide is not exhaustive and some organizations may want to implement even stricter policies. It provides a solid foundation for most general-purpose scenarios and is based on real-world hands-on experience building secure cloud environments.


$1,500+ value! (based on saving 10 or more hours of consulting time billed at $150/hr).


The guide consists of four main sections:

  • Planning – overview of important Azure Storage security and data governance best practices with references to official documentation.
  • Recommendations – a curated set of Azure policies focused on storage account security best practices and data governance.
  • Deployment – detailed instructions for using the included automation template to deploy a custom Azure Policy initiative with customization examples.
  • Monitoring – how to monitor Azure resources for policy compliance and manage exemptions.


Changes and new features are being added to Azure Storage or a regular basis and the recommendations in this guide are revised frequently to keep up with the platform changes. Purchase an annual subscription to receive updates for one full year!


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